Do US Presidential Elections Affect the Dollar?

First, how do the US presidential elections work? Can we expect the US presidential elections to impact currency? Ever since President Trump shocked the world with his victory there has been speculation as to whether this polarising character could win a second term. COVID-19 and an uncertain economy have added new dimensions to what may have already been a landmark U.S. election cycle. We will soon find out which way things will go as Americans will head to the polls on November 3rd. We work with many UK businesses who have US dollar exposure, and the key question they will want to understand is what impact the election could have on currency rates moving into 2021 and beyond. To better answer this question, we're going to highlight the differences in approaches from Biden and Trump and ultimately how this might affect the performance of the US dollar. Interest rate policy is unlikely to change direction because of COVID-19 and the fallout for the global economy. Central banks across the world have signposted that interest rates will be low for an extended period. The Federal Market Open Committee echoed this recently stating that they cannot see an increase in rates until 2023. However, there are plenty of areas where the candidates' policies diverge, for this opinion piece we are only focusing on some of the economic and foreign policy. Subject Biden Trump COVID recovery Proposing to spend trillions to create new jobs in clean energy, manufacturing, and caregiving. Signed legislation