Sterling Slides on Economic Sentiment and Lack of Progress from Trade Talks

We saw the US Dollar strengthen across the board last week as a “risk off” tone took effect in global markets. The change in sentiment was driven by concerns surrounding the speed of economic rebound as well as the growing tensions between the US

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Market Weathers Weak Data Readings as it Waits for the Monthly US Labour Data on Friday

Last week was a calmer week in turns of economic data. Whilst economic readings remains to the downside, the market has been prepared to weather very weak near-term economic data, with the hope that the second half of the year bounces back as lockdown

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Data in Review, PM Johnson Returns and Possible Lifting of Lockdown Restrictions

Sterling saw a souring of sentiment last week as concerns over economic data and Brexit trade talks grew. Taking a look at the economic data, whilst weak readings were expected, reality actually saw figures fall below even that expectation, with PMI data from the

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Lifted Lockdown Restrictions Watched for Green Shoots

Reviewing the economic data from last week: European markets return after the Easter break with a sense of cautious optimism. Whilst the number of global Covid-19 cases topped 1.5 million there is a sense that the curve could be flattening, with China already easing

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Pain or Opportunity? Insights From Our Network

By Tyler Betts: FX Risk Manager at Infinity International As a foreign exchange company, we find ourselves in a fairly well-informed position.  Our business model means we have relationships with a range of industries across various sectors, giving us access to interesting insights.  Most

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