Infinity International Client Sentiment Index: Are Things Improving?

Infinity International aim to provide content to our clients on several relevant topics covering a variety of possible concerns during these unprecedented times.  To do this, we are drawing on our own experience, client feedback as well as the input from others in our

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UK Continues to Debate Negative Rates, Cummings and Further Relaxing of Restrictions

Last week, Sterling remained resilient despite being under pressure. The topic of negative interest rates continues to dominate the market concerns for the UK. During a testimony to the Treasury Select Committee, Governor Bailey stated that the bank does not rule out any instrument

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Future Fund: Sunak’s next steps to help business

By Jamie Jemmeson ACSI, MSTA at Infinity International Now more than ever, the focus of FDs, Treasurers and finance teams is likely to be firmly fixed on cash-flow.  As a result, you will have seen from our other Infinity International blogs and insight pieces,

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Re-framing 2020: Possible scenarios for the second half of the year

COVID-19 may have changed life as we know it. Anybody who claims that they know what happens next is speculating. In our Re-framing 2020 report, we have collated and articulated various news feeds and come up we three different scenarios that could happen, a

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Avoiding COVID-19 Fraud: 7 Tips to Protect Yourself

By Jamie Jemmeson ACSI, MSTA: Head of Structured Products at Infinity InternationalCOVID-19 has resulted in a global economic crisis that is now hitting Europe and the US with full force. Sadly, during periods of crisis, global levels of fraud may increase. In March, Action Fraud,

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Introducing the Infinity International Client Sentiment Index

Coronavirus has impacted the global business climate unlike any event prior. Uncertainty is compounded with no clear end date for the disruption; a vaccine has yet to be found or tested and fears of a second wave are emerging – either from

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Changing times: what does the future hold for networking events?

By Tyler Betts: FX Risk Manager at Infinity International It is not uncommon for many industries to have marquee networking events throughout the year where having a presence is an expectation in order to remain relevant.  This is not only time consuming but is

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Questioning Treasurers: Learnings from the 2008 Financial Crisis

By Tyler Betts: FX Risk Manager at Infinity International It was 7.30am on a Monday and I had reached the summit of the Canary Wharf station escalators, with the pyramid topping One Canada Square on my right and to my left, the US investment

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Lifted Lockdown Restrictions Watched for Green Shoots

Reviewing the economic data from last week: European markets return after the Easter break with a sense of cautious optimism. Whilst the number of global Covid-19 cases topped 1.5 million there is a sense that the curve could be flattening, with China already easing

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