Frequently asked questions

We can offer some of the lowest fees, because we make our money from our ability to purchase currency at, or near the interbank rate from some of the world’s biggest banks and brokers. We then add a small amount (much less than the bank) onto this rate and sell on the currency to our clients who receive the better rate.

For the major currencies such as Pounds, Euros and Dollars we would expect you to receive your currency by the same day. For other currencies it can take up to 48 hours. Infinity International uses priority SWIFT payments for all transfers, which is the fastest and safest type of bank to bank transfer.

Infinity International only accepts funds by wire transfer. We do not accept cash, or cheque deposits. A wire transfer can be made from your bank and can be completed online via your own online banking system, or by visiting any branch of your bank. Clients with phone banking will also be able to use this to instruct a wire transfer.

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