Economic Outlook Q2 2020: What Happens Post COVID-19?

COVID-19 results in global shutdown Our Quarterly Report provides context on the UK, US and Eurozone markets of last quarter and highlights what we believe will be the focus of each of these regions over the coming months. In this report we will focus

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Questioning Treasurers: Learnings from the 2008 Financial Crisis

By Tyler Betts: FX Risk Manager at Infinity International It was 7.30am on a Monday and I had reached the summit of the Canary Wharf station escalators, with the pyramid topping One Canada Square on my right and to my left, the US investment

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Pain or Opportunity? Insights From Our Network

By Tyler Betts: FX Risk Manager at Infinity International As a foreign exchange company, we find ourselves in a fairly well-informed position.  Our business model means we have relationships with a range of industries across various sectors, giving us access to interesting insights.  Most

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The Real Stories of Challenges Our Clients Are Facing Due to COVID-19

COVID-19 has been and continues to be the most globally disruptive event of our generation. It has sparked fears and behaviours that have not been seen before as businesses prepare to operate in this temporary environment. Over the coming weeks

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International Payments: How Can We Help You?

Since the start of the millennium, the opportunities to conduct business internationally have expanded almost as fast as the innovation that facilitates them. Take the ease with which businesses can exchange funds from one currency to another and send them overseas. The internet’s ability

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