Your business is our business

Our team takes the time to understand your business, your requirements and the currency markets, so we can provide an FX solution that works for you.

Why people work with us

Competitive Exchange rates

Plan better
Understand, quantify and provide currency solutions that fit your individual business requirements

Access expert insight
We’ll keep you informed with relevant information relating to the foreign exchange market. Accessing your experienced dedicated broker, we aim to deliver savings and free up your time so you can get on with running your business.

Execute quickly
Timing is everything. Our proactive team make sure your transfers are placed quickly and efficiently.

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We know everyone’s different

So we’re flexible in the way we provide our FX services

Execute transactions online from wherever you are, via our custom built trading platform
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The best of both Worlds. Trade online as well as discussing your options with our team
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Managed FX
Our managed FX solution is like having an FX professional in your office, all supported by our experienced risk management team
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If you have specific needs or requirements, Infinity will tailor a custom currency solution unique to your business
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A new way to approach FX risk
Managed FX is a full service offering. It empowers businesses with the insight and support they need to make better decisions concerning their foreign exchange requirements. Allowing users to plan ahead, it ensures that the business is taking a proactive approach to FX rather than a reactive one.

How does it work?
The core of Managed FX is in the currency planning and forecasting function, which makes use of your own financial planning and historic information. We then crunch the data – your historic transactions, historic market data, your future plans and currency pair volatility analysis to identify and demonstrate any gaps in the existing strategy.

Once that’s completed, your Infinity FX strategist will discuss the findings, working with you to assess your future risk priorities, allowing you to plan FX strategically, thus meeting your short and long term FX objectives more consistently – freeing your business up to concentrate on core operations knowing that your FX positions are being monitored.

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Over 12 years
since we placed our first FX trade

1,000s of
customers, actively trading with us

Over £2 Billion traded
for our clients, since we began in 2007

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