In a digitally-driven world, clients appreciate our human touch

The secret to our success?

We know it doesn’t happen overnight. We’ve taken our time to refine our risk management strategies and nurtured a trustworthy, highly skilled team of currency experts that share our prudent risk approach.

We are also backed by Pollen Street Capital, a global asset investment management company focused on the financial and business services sector with over £2.7bn of assets under management. Pollen’s extensive network and advisory board bring insight and market access, and add experience and expertise to our proposition.

Our people are technically skilled and highly experienced in foreign exchange and international payment best practices; our shared values necessitate putting our clients at the core of everything we do.

Why working with us for business foreign exchange makes good business sense

  • Dedicated support of a foreign exchange manager
  • Hedging solutions tailored to your requirements
  • Credit may be available for hedging products
  • Free transfers: no transfer fees charged on sending money
  • Convenient online trading platform

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A consistent pragmatic approach to managing currency exchange risk

When it comes to tailoring a foreign exchange risk management solution that perfectly fits your international business requirements, our expert foreign exchange managers take a phased approach.

  • 1

    We begin by building an understanding of your business and its foreign exchange needs. Your bespoke currency risk management strategy is developed to match your unique requirements, setting goals and agreeing on budgeted rates.

  • 2

    Your foreign exchange manager works alongside you to select appropriate risk management products to match your currency needs.

  • 3

    Your business foreign exchange strategy is then executed as agreed, with your foreign exchange manager reporting regularly on performance.

  • 4

    Ongoing adjustments to your currency risk management strategy can then be made in response to changing market conditions or business needs.

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Technology can’t replace the human touch in relationship management

Results are important, but what makes us different is our appreciation for human talent. We value people.

As business becomes increasingly automated, the human factor in every company becomes more important as a result.  This is because people want to do business with other people, and corporate foreign exchange management is no exception. 

In the digital age, our people are more than analogue assets – they’re the heart and soul of our Company; and artificial intelligence is no match for the way they balance drive and passion with maturity, experience and reliability, when it comes to helping our clients navigate currency markets. 

We invest in our people

Our people are technically skilled and highly experienced in foreign exchange and international payment best practices; and our clients are at the core of everything we do.

Our people aim to simplify the complexity of your foreign exchange management and streamline the way your international trade and investment transactions are handled.

Our leadership: translating vision into reality

Our engaged leadership is a major driving force behind our consistent client success.

Before joining our ranks, our skilled leaders earned their credentials at a number of major UK and European banks, as well as at the front line of the forex and global risk advisory industries.

In so doing, world-class business acumen is instilled into our offering, resulting in streamlined processes and increased efficiencies for our clients.

What our people say about us

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Our business is always growing because we’re deeply invested in client success. We’re always on the lookout for fresh talent as a result.

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