By Jamie Jemmeson ACSI, MSTA at Infinity International

Last week, we published an article on “Points to Consider Before FX Hedging in COVID-19 Conditions”, where we highlighted some of the talking points when considering either implementing a new FX policy or adapting your current hedging strategy. We understand that perhaps now more than ever, risk management is a priority for businesses, which is why we will go into detail answering the 4 questions we posed, assisting business to prepare in the coming weeks and months as we re-enter the markets under COVID-19 conditions.

This week we are going to unpack Question 1 in more detail: Understanding your FX exposure.

Has your FX exposure changed?

Are you now using different suppliers/has your customer base changed focus geographically? Depending on the sector that your business operates, your FX exposure may have either decreased or increased dramatically as result of COVID-19.

  • Before instructing any new FX hedges, you may consider whether demand has increased due to a sudden increase due to situational demand (for example toilet roll) and whether this demand is likely to continue once supply lines and/or trends change. How has this affected your currency requirements and what does this look like over the next few months?
  • Have you changed where the business has sourced its goods? For example, have you adapted your supply chain, sourcing goods from Europe instead of Asia? Has this changed the currencies which you are exposed to? If yes, have you considered the underlying factors that drive the currency pair and the volatility associated?
  • Have you received funding/financing that is not in your reporting currency, creating an additional FX exposure?

Do you have line of sight on your currency requirements and what are the terms associated with your upcoming invoices?

  • When considering the line of sight of your currency requirement, based on the current conditions, could this increase, decrease or remain constant? What scenario will your hedge be based on and will you be able to reallocate these financial requirements if necessary; for example, if demand drops and you reduce the order with your manufacturer, can you utilise the excess currency on another order?
  • It has often been said that in a crisis “cash is king”. With this mind, have your terms of business with suppliers changed or are you being asked to pay increased deposits to secure your purchase order? Due to the unknowns of COVID 19 and the resulting potential for supply chain disruption, what impact could this have on taking delivery of the goods and the subsequent FX hedge if a deposit is taken to settle the invoice?

Understanding your exposure in these times may be difficult as so many variables are still in play. Questions such as will there be a second wave, will lockdown happen again which in turn could impact your exposure.

Consider speaking to a foreign exchange specialist who will support you in developing a FX strategy which could help your business through these uncertain times.

Next week we will deep dive into the 2nd question: What impact will hedging potentially have on the business?

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