COVID-19 results in global shutdown

Our Quarterly Report provides context on the UK, US and Eurozone markets of last quarter and highlights what we believe will be the focus of each of these regions over the coming months.

In this report we will focus on the action central banks and governments have taken and the resulting effect on volatility.

We will look towards some expert views to try and articulate what COVID-19 means for the UK, US and Eurozone in Q2 whilst observing some of the green shoots that are emerging which are easily lost in all the doom and gloom.

Finally, we will provide some analytic data from two sources. The first is a survey of 200+ treasury departments which highlights their focus and their views of the lockdown duration. In the second, we will display the currency forecast taken from Reuters at the start of April; giving businesses an idea of what the potential ranges could be for GBPUSD, GBPEUR and EURUSD based on the view from 40+ financial institutions.

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